Attitude of Gratitude

and Kick Butt!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

whew, anyone get that truck's license plate!!??!!

...what a long 2 weeks this has been! whew!!

today, i am 2 weeks post op, and have been home for a week.

unfortunately, while trying to prepare myself for the thought of surgery, i forgot to include recovery. so, it hit me hard.

but, today, i am feeling like i am beginning to be on the other side of "it". thankfully, and i owe it all to my best friend, debbie, for caring for me in the flesh and God for healing me with the Holy Spirit.

this past week i have spent, mostly, in bed as i have had no energy at all to speak of.

i apologize that i have not called and or written. but energy just for these things were depleting.

tomorrow i see the surgeon for staple removal...Hallelujah!

and friday i see an oncologist to know The Plan, of which by all indications will be just fine.

today my goals are to take a shower! again, Hallelujah! and to stay out of bed until tonite when it's suppose to be Time for bed. :)

thankfully, i have turned a corner.

thank you, everyone, for prayers and continued love and support.
i'll update as i know anything

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