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Monday, January 18, 2010

updated surgeon and oncology information

just a note for updating everyone on what has been going on the last week, for me.

debbie, after staying with me for a month, went home on friday evening. and then my eldest sister, sally, came into town the next day. over the weekend my brother and his family, from seattle, came back down to visit and to laugh and support. that was fun. my sister, sally, will leave this coming saturday.

as i have probably let everyone know, i was trying so very desperately to go to Florida on saturday to walk the Breast Cancer walk in West Palm with my niece, cristal and my sister, nancy. but i had to cancel the trip as i am not strong enough to travel. at least, not without a nurse with me :))

this past week i saw the surgeon for my first post op visit (after 2 weeks post op) and though weak, rediculously tired, freezing cold and without appetite and 15lbs down, she states i "looked great!" and am "exactly where i ought to be at" for only being 2 weeks post op. debbie and i thought for sure i'd be back in the hospital. but her comments gave me inspiration and i felt as good as she thought i looked. so i bundled myself back up in all my layers and debbie drove me home :)

the next day, friday, was my appt with the oncologist; of which my sister, janet, came with me. he is a very smart man and i really enjoyed my visit with him. he states it is moderately recommended, as compared to low and or highly recommended, that i have chemotherapy, even though the colon cancer that i had was a stage 2.

he added there is not enough research/case studies for stage 2 colon cancer patients; there is mainly stage 3 research. but that the chance that i will not have recurring metastasis for colon cancer to my other organs is 75%. which is very good odds. he added, however, that with chemotherapy this is raised by 10%, even given the risks of chemo.

though i am only stage 2 colon cancer, i am still at high risk because i am positive for lympho-vascular involvement, even though i have 0/24 lymph node involvement; also that the tumor had invaded the wall of the colon by the time it was removed.

the chemo that i would be receiving is provided in the onology clinic every other week for 6 months. it is a combination of 2 drugs and is called folfox (Folinic Acid, Oxaliplatin and Fluorouracil). one drug is administered in the clinic, via a central line into my body; the other drug is put on a pump and will run into my body via the same central line for 2 days with my returning to the clinic for it's removal.

the oncologist states some people are able to work, at least modified schedules. i have talked with my employer briefly this past weekend and he states that could be the same for me. but i need to talk with them further.

they do not start chemotherapy until 6 weeks post op so this will not begin until mid february.

after saturday, i have no other family/friends coming to stay with me. but will definitely be using all the wonderful offers of help and assistance as the next 6-7 months unfold.

God bless

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