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Thursday, January 7, 2010

escaped - Wednesday 6pm

whew...thought we'd never do it...escaped/discharged from the hospital. while my surgeon's collegue scratched his silver head pondering if my being discharged home with nausea, constipation and literal inability to rest was a detriment to coming home. out of the other side of his mouth, he agreed, that i would fair much better at home with my caring for myself despite that they've done about as much as they would do for me. afterall....i could pass gas (yippee me!), and i've had a least one BM (ROCK STAR! and always to be remembered for), then why the heck else stay in the hospital. it'd been 7 days for goodness gracious.

and in those 7 days, i saw 2 families come and go that were my roomates in my hotel room....both as loud and abnoxious as the other family. see, told you i was in a hotel?

talk about peace and quiet being tatamount to healing........well, i advise not to count on it in the hospital. there was never more sounds of things being dropped; conversations between people right outside your door; machines buzzing and beeping; and constant interruption both by human and audible assault.

as far as the surgery i had. they removed a 2.9cm tumor along with the right side of my colon and reconnected both ends.

biopsy report shows that of all 21 lymph nodes, 0 were infectected with cancer.

the report says the tumor did grow outside of the wall of the colon, so discussion needs to still occur with oncology with what that means; and the plan. nothing in relation to chemotherapy (if the plan) would occur till after i've healed from this surgery.

healing! that is my mantra beautiful sister, janet, and sweet niece caitly, helped me escape from the hopsital last night. and i have been sleeping ever since. though not have any energy at all to speak of i made myself take a shower in my shower (as my best friend cleaned it and i wanted to feel beautiful again).

debbie also cleaned by bed and it was a double dream to slip into my wonderful huge/soft bed. thank you very much family and friends.

i'll have staples removed from my belly later next week, but till then plan on eating slow, eating orgainically, and drinking alot of fluids. i am meeting my new digestive system for the first time and am having problems figuring out what turns her on and what makes her giggle :)

love and hugs to everyone through this process. i'm still real slow, and i'm still real tired, but have plans on reconnecting and writing, etc. soon.

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