Attitude of Gratitude

and Kick Butt!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

marching on..... time. i've always been fascinated in the proverbial Marching of Time. at times, in my life, i've been thank-full in knowing that Time Marches On: friday's into rest-full weekends......anticipating Times, looking forward to spending it with family or friends.....looking forward to going to church.....looking forward to seeing my family and/or friends i've not seen in a long Time.
right now, however, i am anxious. i realized this morning that Time is Marching On, and the events i was looking forward to are now coming and soon will be going: my mom has arrived for the Christmas best friend will be here tomorrow and family is coming....Christmas with the birth of Jesus will come-Hallelujah. only to be "going" to: surgery.

and, so, is the inevitable passing of Time: surgery is coming. need to force myself into the reality that i'll be walking into a hospital; i'll be a "patient", though i will most likely not be patient :) (i feel sorry for my nurses). the inevitability of pain. the unknown that is still unknown, but will pass with the coming of Time. convalescing-how long??

i realize, though, there have and always will be beautiful things about the passing of Time. already i am learning that in the course of a day there are blessings, teachings, absorbing, love, hugs, understanding, and resolution: a friend that gives a soft comfy robe as a gift; a friend that gives a picture of Jesus standing behind the surgeon and guiding his hands; loving gifts unable to mention the magnitude of; friends, family; finding appreciation of the Gift that "this" is and being able to see beyond and trust God. "this" is a gift, of which one can never completely understand enough, most likely, unless you're "here", i assume.

so - my life is changing, and will continue to change. with the passing of Time, i have learned how to let other's love me; how to receive, rather than feel any obligation to give; how to make sense of something that can not be made sense of, and trust the journey and the people within it; the ability to see beyond....knowing there is more than "this"...which is bright, beautiful and encouraging as if receiving the very first Christmas Gift ever in my entire life. :)

i am forward looking. i am encouraged by all the brave kids in my family. and i have an Attitude of Gratitude...for the Gift i have been given and will yet to receive. here we go!


  1. Angels are all around you Cathy! Oliver, Debbie, your Mom, all family & friends, who love & support & who care. Call on all those angels to help you through "this" "Time". We love you!

  2. thank you so much, pam. appreciate your support verrry much, and reminders of where i need to go for support. thanks, very much

  3. Cathy,

    I have heard it said and do believe that in our greatest desolation God brings new life. I am constantly reminded and amazed by God’s grace. Whenever we feel alone on our journey, God will place someone in our path to help share the load. It may be a friend or even a complete stranger.
    In this season of ‘Light’ when God shares His magnificent Son with us, I am reminded by His grace to be ever hopeful and diligent in walking the path.
    There are many that are holding you close in our hearts and prayers. We stand beside you, if even only in spirit. We trust in a loving and healing God that will answer the prayers of His faithful, not only for you, but for Nick and Cristal as well.
    So, my friend, I extend my hand and prayers to you; for much healing and a quick recovery. The healing has already begun.


  4. Cathy, this seems to run in the family, stuff in the lower regions; we have a propensity towards distressful things occurring below the navel, as we age. I'm sure things will go well for you. You sound as though you've got things pretty well aligned.