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Saturday, March 13, 2010

howdy everyone!

been along time since i posted. just sorta got tired of hearing my own voice, frankly. you see, i was back in the hospital last week from severe diarrhea, severe umbilical pain and low BP. i had to endure 2 colonoscopies; one of which failed cuz they didn't have me sedated enough; the other was the next day so i still had to drink 2 liters of the Go Litely, which is a misnomer :)
prior to this i was having a bad reaction to the Xeloda (pill form of 5FU), which have me severe hives on my face, neck and chest, swelling my lips. leaving the choice of continuing on this drug, outta the question.
as of this week, i am on a trial of intravenous 5FU and levocorin, which is just something the infuse prior to the 5FU so it stays around in my body longer. at 80% of the dose, this week, they are monitoring me closely for reactions. of which so far, i have nausea at times, fatigue and a stomach ache (which is bearable).
so the course of my treatment will be once a week infusion, for 6 weeks; then 2 weeks off - then repeating the same treatment...and deciding from there.
i've lost 25 pounds, have periods of complete and udder fatigue. but also have help from neighbors for cleaning my front and back yard (thank God), and hauling in wood for me to keep warm with the wood burning stove. they've even started offering to walk Oliver, my sweet boy, which he loves!
hope all are doing well.
God bless

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